How to Install Dota 2 Mods

Hello. After share few mods, as promised now I will post a tutorial how to install the mods to your dota 2.
1. Download the mod (obviously)
Find the mod anywhere you want. Or just find it here :-) . If the mod you want isn't here yet. Just fill the request form (on the top of this blog).

2. Go to your game directory and create a new folder
You can create with any name you like, just dont use space. Here I create a folder named : argosptr_mod

3. Go to your dota directory and find
Go to this directory : XXX\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota . Find a file named : Then open it with notepad / notepad++.

4. Add these lines
Add this two lines to your file. Replace argosptr_mod with your folder name. Pay attention to the line position.

5. Download and extract VPK creator
Download here and extract it anywhere you want.

6. Drag all folders in the mod
Drag all folder in the mod to the xxx\VPK CREATOR\pak01_dir directory. Replace if prompted. No need to extract the text file, but it's okay if you want to extract it. Make sure all folder have been dragged.

7. Edit the items_game.txt
Go to this dir: xxxxx\VPK CREATOR\pak01_dir\scripts\items. Open the items_game.txt (Open with notepad++ is better). Find (ctrl+F) the code in "Replace this-x" file. Then Replace it with the code in "With this-x" file. Then Save the items_game.txt.

8. Run the Generate VPK.bat
Run (double click) the Generate VPK.bat . And wait until finish. There will be a new pak01_dir.vpk file.

9. Copy the pak01_dir.vpk to your mod folder
Copy the new pak01_dir.vpk to your mod folder (mine : argosptr_mod). Replace if prompted.

10. Its done.
Launch dota 2 and check your mod.

Adding a new mod just need to do step 6 to 10.